Stronger Roots

We strengthen the resilience and stability of non-profit organizations (NGOs) in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Why do NGOs need to strengthen:

NGOs often replace government services in various areas, but recently they have been losing a stable base. They face attacks from politicians and the public, which can barely know what individual organizations are doing to improve living standards in the Czech Republic. They have to cope with budget cuts and they have to search for money elsewhere. But civil society organizations themselves are not innocent, instead of explaining to people what they are doing and why it is important, they focus on reporting to donors and repelling the attacks on the nonprofit sector. But without a stable background and the support of society, NGOs will no longer be able to represent the role of the state. Children will not be able to frequent hobby clubs, retirees will be without home care, firefighters will lose their finances, no one will watch over politicians if they do their work responsibly, etc. Therefore, we want non-profit organizations to have somebody they can rely on and be able to build a circle of supporters that will help them.


How do we achieve this:

We have launched a grant call in our new Stronger Roots program. It is open to all organizations that want to address their existing supporters or new groups of citizens, identify their needs and opinions, reflect these findings in their work and gradually build up a more stable base of supporters. In English, this building of circle of supporters is called the constituency building.

Constituency = circle of supporters
all people interested in the organization’s activities, either because they share its values, or because they are recipients of its services, or they would benefit from the promoted change

Constituency building = strengthening the circle of supporters
targeted addressing of supporters and new citizens, identifying their needs and reflecting these findings in the activities and functioning of the organization, building stronger relationships with supporters

The Stronger Roots program in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia is implemented by the OSF, Glopolis, the Open Society Foundation and the NIOK Foundation.

What we provide to NGOs:

  • a two-year grant of up to € 30,000
  • a two-year mentoring and consulting program
  • instructions in the form of a publication