with Us!

with Us!

Escape from the Maze of Violence

Year of granting the aid: 2014
Realisation date: 01.02.2015 – 30.04.2016
Amount: 6 680 000 CZK
Organization: Persefona z. s.

The vision that shapes all our project activities is one of a society that is sensitized to violence in relationships.

Our aim is to reduce the incidence of Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Violence (SV), i.e., rape and sexual abuse (RSA), in society by qualitatively and quantitatively expanding services to victims and increasing capacity for therapy for Violent Persons (VP). To optimize addressing DV, SV, and therapy for VPs, we will sensitize the professionals involved in these areas and strengthen their interest in them.

We are launching an Inter-Disciplinary Team in Brno to address the issue of SV (the IDT SV) and we will share good practices there and develop its knowledge with the participation of our Norwegian partner.

A statewide sociological survey focused on DV, SV and VPs will yield valuable data for presentation to a broad range of lay people, professionals and students and for use in addressing DV and RSA and working with VPs. The information will be used in a media campaign focused on changing society’s attitudes toward violence in relationships.

All project activities are based on actual needs and will contribute toward the desired social changes as a who