Our finances

Until 2012 OSF Prague was part of the international network Open Society Foundations founded by the philanthropist George Soros. For many years, the network was our source of funding. In 2012, we left this network and became independent. We still proudly maintain the values, history and work of the OSF brand. However, we seek funding for our further operation ourselves. We cooperate with donors such as endowment funds, corporate partners and individuals, all of whom share the same goal – together they want to move the Czech society forward and are not afraid to tackle often sensitive and controversial issues with us.

cislaIn the 26 years of our existence, we have learned, among other things, that money alone is not enough. In addition to providing financial support in the form of grants, we link organisations dealing with a specific issue. We believe it is better to join forces and learn from each other. We also enter selected issues with our own expertise, especially as watch dogs or advocates in negotiations for systemic changes. For donors, we are mainly a partner in finding a meaningful and comprehensive approach to solving a particular problem.

OSF undergoes a financial audit regularly. Its results are published annually in the annual report, where everyone can look up specific expenses as well as all information on our activities and supported projects.