You can find most of the publications in czech version of the web. 

Case Study: Hungarian Green NGO Network (Hungary)

The Hungarian Green NGO Network strengthened its ties to a number of religious and youth groups working on environmental advocacy and climate change. It expanded its membership base and board diversity and also introduced new values, opportunities and ways of…

Stronger Roots Program Leaflet

Would you like to learn more about the Stronger Roots Program? Learn about the essence of the social base building and transversal collaboration concepts and methods of work of the Stronger Roots Program in a brief leaflet.

Evaluation: Results and Impact Summary in 2019-2022

This summary presents the key qualitative and quantitative results of the external and internal evaluation of the first round of the Stronger Roots Program in 2019-2022.

Case Study: KASPIAN (Slovakia)

Through rekindling previous corporate relations and turning businesses into close partners, it became clear for the KASPIAN association that these partnerships, if handled well, can lead to a new level of flexibility and better activities for their target groups. They…

Case Study: Nadácia Milana Šimečku (Slovakia)

Civil society organizations often struggle with their identity being unclear because of the diversity of the programs they do. The experience of Nadácia Milana Šimečku is an example of how to find the focal points for planning a clearer communication,…

Case Study: DEDO Foundation (Slovakia)

DEDO Foundation decided to create a communication strategy based on values and data, without using personal stories of their clients. This case study shows how they reached this conclusion, how they used focus groups to find out whether their intuition…