Fair Society   

Discrimination persists in the Czech Republic. It affects many in the most important areas of life, such as access to education, employment, housing and health care. According to an STEM agency survey, half of Czechs believe that discrimination in the Czech Republic is increasing, and three out of four consider discrimination to be a major problem. And it is. People who face discrimination on a daily basis cannot make full use of their potential, fully integrate into society and contribute to economic development. This makes discrimination not only a value issue, but also an economic one.

In the Fair Society programme we support mutual respect, understanding and equal opportunities for all people without distinction. We initiate searching for ways leading to coexistence without prejudice. We promote the reduction of social disparities, equality between men and women, equal access to education, employment and other opportunities of the contemporary world.

We adhere to one of the fundamental principles of an open and democratic society, and that is equal opportunity for all people indiscriminately.