Living Democracy      

Czech society is experiencing a crisis of mutual trust. In recent years, many analysts and commentators have been increasingly talking about its being divided or torn. Externally, this division manifests itself in the abandonment of previously unchangeable values. Among European nations, the Czechs are among the least willing to help refugees in need, the right to one’s “own-opinion” in public debate is often more important than the truth, many politicians question the independence of the public media. Liberal democracy is getting a thrashing, while empty assertions on “democracy without attributes“ are gaining ground instead.

In the Living Democracy programme, we have decided to counter this development by developing a society which enables everyone to grow up and live in freedom, mutual trust and without fear. We are advocating a state which prides itself on openness and transparency, supports responsible citizens, and is committed to ensuring law and legislation which apply to all without distinction.

We support initiatives that monitor the work of public institutions and try to improve their work. We advocate for free access to information, we value quality journalism and fact-based public debate.