Journalism Award

We Appreciate Quality Czech Journalism

The work of journalists is essential for the functioning and development of a democratic society. That is why the OSF Prague has been organising the annual Journalism Award, which publicly awards examples of high-quality journalism work since 2010. The award is unique in that it assesses the specific contributions of journalists. The work of a renowned and emerging author, from a large media conglomerate, a small regional publication and an independent online platform can succeed.

In 2023, the Czech Republic improved its ranking by 6 places in the index of media freedom. Reporters Without Borders evaluated a total of 180 countries and the Czech Republic ranked 14th. The state of the Czech media scene is an indicator of how our democracy and society are faring, and caring for it is a never-ending work.

At the OSF Prague, we give awards to journalists from a broad range of media outlets who work honestly with facts and deliver on the promise of high-quality journalism. The award is a bearer of verified information, but also of important social and systemic changes – the winning entries, which are evaluated by independent juries, are proof of this.

With the competition, we pay tribute to quality journalism, open up a pluralistic debate about the state of the Czech media landscape and bring inspiration from abroad.

Competition categories

Special Awards
  • Written interview 
  • Audiovisual interview or discussion 
  • Written reportage 
  • Audiovisual reportage 
  • Commentary 
  • Analytical-investigative journalism 
  • Innovative journalism
  • Regional journalism 
  • Economic journalism
  • Public Award
  • Karel Havlíček Borovský Award
    for an important achievement in Czech journalism (in cooperation with the Czech Literary Foundation)
  • Young Journalist’s Award
    for young journalists up to 33 years of age (in cooperation with the Czech Literary Foundation)
  • Daniel Anýž Award
    for Czech journalists abroad who bring important information from outside of the Czech republic

The Council of the Journalist Prize 

The Council that administers the Journalism Award works throughout the year. It issues the Statutes of the Competition and approves any changes thereto, appoints the jurors and approves the procedural rules of the juries, and decides on complaints and potential conflicts of interest. It also selects the finalists based on the nominations of the juries for an online vote in which the public decides on the winner of the Public Award.

Its members are representatives appointed by the organising foundation and the partners of the Competition. Membership on the Council is honorary, indefinite and expires upon resignation. A member may be expelled from the Competition Council for activity that is incompatible with the mission of the competition. The Council meets as needed and makes decisions by an absolute majority of all members.

Martina Břeňová 

Executive director
Nadace OSF

Jeremy Druker 

Executive director
Transitions, o.s.

Majka Němcová 

Chief Operating Officer
Media Development Investment Fund

Tomáš Němeček 

Journalist and lawyer

Jan Rybář 

Journalist, photographer and writer

Journalism Award Team

Lucie Zubková 

Coordinator of the Journalist Award

Markéta Prokeš 

Media relations

Partners of the Journalism Award