Stronger Roots 2023-2025

Altogether 43 civil society organizations and 16 networks in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary received financial grants amounting to more than 1,6 million Euro from the Stronger Roots Program, started from October 1, 2023. The supported organizations will strengthen their communities of supporters and deepen their collaboration with public institutions. The Stronger Roots Program is jointly implemented by Open Society Fund Prague, Glopolis, Open Society Foundation Bratislava and the NIOK Foundation and funded by the European Union from the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme.

Supported Organizations


Arnika – Centrum pro podporu občanů
Project: Infrastructure of the Right on the City
Allocated Amount: 26 785,00 €

The project strengthens the communication and networking infrastructure of the Prague urban social movement, in which Arnika – Citizens Support Centre plays a central coordinating, educational and mediating role. It maps the needs and visions of active citizens of Prague and community leaders towards the organization, optimizes the way they communicate with each other and creates strategic priorities and new modern tools within its framework, supports the growth of an active community of supporters, and opens up local potential for cooperation between urban movements and organizations.

Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky, z. s.
Project: Prague Student Summit Alumni – Strengthening the Community
Allocated Amount: 29 989€

The Prague Student Summit (PSS) is the largest educational project of the Association for International Affairs (AMO), which is attended by more than 300 high school and university students from all over the Czech Republic every year. In the academic year 2024/25, it will celebrate already 30 years of existence. During this time, it was attended by thousands of students, but most of them lost contact with PSS and AMO. This project will make it possible to establish a connection with them, to build the foundations of the functioning of their community, to build on their old friendships and, thanks to this, to use the potential that this group has for both PSS and AMO.

Centrum Konipas, z.ú.
Project: Building a Community of the Educational Center Konipas
Allocated Amount: 29 875,00 €

Konipas Centre is an educational and training centre for aspiring organic farmers with elements of environmental social enterprise. It aims to create a functional space to transfer knowledge and experience and to connect diverse groups of people interested in sustainable farming, local development and stabilisation of rural areas. Building a broad community of friends, collaborating people and organisations is essential to its success. The aim of this project is to expand the capacity of the team and its know-how to build this community, to improve the presentation of the Centre and to raise funds for upcoming stages of its development.

Centrum pro společenské otázky – SPOT, z.s.
Project: Minimum Decent Wage – Strengthening the Negotiating Capacities of Employees
Allocated Amount: 27 553,00 €

Today’s society is threatened by increasing polarization, to which existing social policy instruments are insufficient to respond. Civil society and the EU now emphasize better wage conditions for workers. In recent months, our organization has become more involved in supporting, networking, and sharing knowledge in response to emerging local activities (in social work, universities, culture, and platform economies). The project aims at linking local activities to current developments at the EU level and strengthening the capacity, expertise, and networking of people active in the area of improving wage conditions.

Project: CONNECT – Building a Community of EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s.
Allocated Amount: 29 488,00 €

The project is focused on building a community of supporters and donors of the organization. Through the visibility of the organization in the regions in which we operate and the development of the organization’s fundraising activities, we want to achieve greater stability, financial independence and gain local actors and companies as supporters.

Jako doma – Homelike      
Project: Homelike o. p. s. like at Home in the Society
Allocated Amount: 23 563,00 €

Homeless people are a target group with a great stigma attached to them. This also affects the organizations working with them. Jako doma – Homelike o.p.s. has been working comprehensively in the field of women’s homelessness for 10 years: providing direct social work, job opportunities and “giving voice” to homeless women in the public debate. Our community of supporters is large, but we consistently struggle with a lack of capacity to develop it. For the last 2 years we have been continuously facing crises. In order to be able to withstand them, we need to develop our supporter community much more. We also want to invest the acquired know-how back into the mutual strengthening of Prague social services.

Liga lidských práv
Project: New Beginning of the Relations with the Community of Supporters of League for Human Rights
Allocated Amount: 29 141, 00 €

We are a human rights watchdog protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals. Therefore, we need an engaged supporter community that would collaborate with us in raising awareness about systemic shortcomings and support our work through individual donations. We aim to analyze the existing inactive community and their interest in the topics we address. Based on the analysis, we will create a tailored communication and fundraising plan and invite the community to take action. In case of community stagnation, we need to identify potential members of our community and how to engage them to become our partners.

Respondeo, z. s.
Project: People Becoming Supporters, Supporters Becoming Donors, Donors Becoming Partners
Allocated Amount: 29 761,20 €

Our goal is to build a strong community of supporters, donors and partners of the organization. Through information campaigns on key topics, linking communication channels, paid advertising on social media and presentations in the regions, we will raise awareness of the organization in all districts of activity. We will establish new partnerships with companies, organizations and initiatives. We will create offerings for corporate partners and regular donors to strengthen relationships and connections with the organization (live event schedule, in-person meetings, donor club). We will recruit new donors and build the base of the organization’s financial reserve.

Semínkovna, z.s.
Project: Seed Community
Allocated Amount: 29 907,82 €

Seedbeds are a free initiative for everyone. Within the Seedbeds we exchange small quantities of seeds for personal non-commercial use free of charge. The aim of the project is to create a functional communication system with the individual Seedbeds, so that they receive the necessary support for their local activities. We will create a fundraising strategy and a communication strategy to gain supporters for the idea of self-sufficiency in cash crop cultivation and to promote biodiversity while preserving regional varieties of these crops.

Středisko ekologické výchovy SEVER Horní Maršov, o.p.s.
Project: Understanding our Supporters and Taking Good Care of Them
Allocated Amount: 29 938,60 €

The project is aimed at a deeper understanding of its supporters, building their community and better caring for different segments of supporters (educators, public sector workers, etc. It seeks to better identify the main existing and new potential important supporters, prioritize among them, analyze their profiles and needs, and design and test ways to reach and engage them more systematically in order to strengthen SEVER’s mission and increase its economic self-sufficiency.

Učitel naživo, z. ú.
Project: People/Leaders Matter
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00 €

The goal of Teach Live (UNZ) is to create conditions for the Czech education system to have top-quality teachers and principals who make it possible for children to learn in schools fully, with joy and equal opportunities. We can’t do this without the people and leaders who make up our diverse community of supporters: these include, first and foremost, educators of future teachers and teachers and principals who have graduated from our training programs. Systematic work with communities has not been part of UNZ’s strategy, and we want to make use of the potential of the community to fulfill the goals of the organization, i.e. to systemically improve the quality of education in the country.

Unie rodičů, z.s.
Project: Parents as Partners in Education
Allocated Amount: 29 620,25 €

The project targets parents who are interested in their children’s education, try to be active in this area, want to get involved in school life, but need appropriate support. Thanks to the information service, sharing of experience and connecting with other actors in the places where they live, these people can become a kind of “ambassadors of change” across the republic.. They can contribute to parents being perceived as partners in education, increasing their awareness and supporting changes in the spirit of modern educational trends and in accordance with the strategic educational documents of the Czech Republic.

ZO ČSOP Veronica
Project: Stronger Veronica – Together for the Climate Protection
Allocated Amount: 29 994,00 €

Thanks to our educational events and long history, we have access to a large number of supporters in our organization Veronica. Our goal is to strengthen our relationships and build a community that will be a lasting support for us. We believe that better connection will help not only us as an organization, but also our supporters as a community. So we want to seize this opportunity to make us all, as part of the climate movement, better at protecting the climate through the connected power of people caring for each other while working together.


Aevis n.o.
Project: In order to understand
Allocated Amount: 29 500,00 €

We want to build a community, a network of supporters and donors who care about nature conservation and would like to participate in it together with us. We want to develop and support the National Park Poloniny. We want to build a clear recognition of our organisation. At the same time, we want to work with the community in a systematic, targeted, clear and transparent way. A strategy, target group analysis, CRM, web adaptation and active online marketing will help us to do this. Thanks to these activities, we want to achieve sustainability of the project after its end.

Bronco n.o.
Project: Adult Kubik 4.0
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00 €

As a strong committed grass-root bottom-up led community united around the space named Kubik within the organisation Bronco n.o., we feel the need to professionalize ourselves to fully utilize the potential we have in society. The main goal is to try to advance our skills in working with the supporter community and how to get multi-source and ethical funding. This will allow us to maintain continuity in the activities we do, start new initiatives and be a stronger voice in the community.

Bystriny, o.z.
Project: A strong, connected and contributing base of Bystriny
Allocated Amount: 23 782,88 €

The project aims to utilise and systematically develop the potential accumulated in the wide audience captured by the Bystriny network and its activities, to use it authentically for the strategic needs of the organisation (financial, capacity, sustainable functioning). Through systematic work, convert the potential to increase the organization’s sustainability and impact, social legitimacy, and its strong anchorage in key communities and among stakeholders, to increase the resilience of Bystriny and civic local activism.

Project: Sereď Community Hub
Allocated Amount: 29 906,50 €

Our goal is to create a program for long-term individual volunteers and a program for businesses that encourages volunteerism and at the same time financially supports our organisation. Since the first round of Stronger Roots, we have gained two new business partnerships for volunteering. We want to focus on communication campaigns for regular giving that reaches individuals in our community and for strategic fundraising. At the same time, we need to support the long-term sustainability of our organisation thanks to activities that focus on our community of supporters and engaging them in ways that are appealing to them.

Komunitná nadácia Bardejov
Project: Community Foundation of Bardejov 2.0
Allocated Amount: 29 540,00 €

The project aims to deepen the engagement of the Community Foundation of Bardejov in the local community, streamline internal processes, develop key strategies and set long-term sustainable goals in collaboration with experts to respond to the current needs of the community’s social base through its activities.

Návrat, o. z.
Project: Revitalization and growth of the Návrat’s social base
Allocated Amount: 29 981,40 €

The main goal of our project is to significantly expand our social base and community of supporters. We will achieve this goal by modernizing our communication. Through strategic measures, we will expand our donor base to include people who have no experience with our services to go beyond the natural reach of our communications and reach the general public with topics about Návrat’s (Return’s) services and impact. We will make sustainable changes that we will build on after the project ends and create the technology infrastructure for effective fundraising and awareness raising.

Občianske združenie Barlička
Project: The community of families: now properly
Allocated Amount: 28 910,00 €

The project aims to develop Barlička, to improve awareness of its services and opportunities. We will establish a functioning community of supporters from the families of current and future clients through a Family Support Program divided into 2 parts – Expert and Community. We see project sustainability and strategic development in computerizing processes and aligning communication.

OZ Vagus
Project: Expanding the Domec community
Allocated Amount: 18 600,00 €

The main goal is to expand the community of people around the day centre for homeless people named Domec, which consists of volunteers, financial supporters, and corporate partners. Therefore, Vagus will create a volunteer program and professionalize the work and communication with donors. The result will be the creation of a community that cares about people affected by extreme poverty and helps them directly or indirectly.

Platforma rodín detí so zdravotným znevýhodnením
Project: Building the Platform of Families in the regions
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00 €

The project aims to increase the stability and long-term sustainability of the activities of the Platform of Families by creating long-term and effective partnerships with supporters in the regions. Clearly defining the specific form of support from them, including engaging in activities to support families of children with disabilities. Activities will include target group analysis, development of a communication strategy, active online communication, community-building meetings and at least 1 individual fundraising campaign.

Saplinq, o.z.
Project: Building LGBTI+ communities in smaller towns
Allocated Amount: 29 050,50 €

The project will be based on providing support in building and developing local communities of people interested in LGBTI+ issues in smaller towns in Slovakia. Its main aim is to strengthen the capacity of the organisation as well as the capacity of the Slovak LGBTI+ movement in general. Activities will include research in localities, engagement with target groups, organising community meetings and training, publishing a practical guide and a final joint event.

Stará jedáleň
Project: A more community-oriented Stará Jedáleň
Allocated Amount: 18 600,00 €

The aim of the project A more community-oriented Stará Jedáleň (Old Dining Hall) is to create conditions for active participation of community members in the life of the community centre, to improve communication outputs informing about the activities of the organisation, as well as to organise a series of interesting community events. Thanks to the project, we will be closer to achieving the long-term vision of a modern 21st-century community centre.

Truc sphérique
Project: Refresh 25 Stanica/Synagog
Allocated Amount: 25 250,00 €

We want to strengthen the social base and resistance and to refresh the organisation after 25 years of its existence, after the departure of the founding members. We need to strengthen staff capacity and kick-start generational change. We will introduce/revise internal processes, external communication and stakeholder relations. We will involve newer members in management at the internal level, and involve volunteers at the external level.

Project: Developing a community of donors and supporters
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00 €

By building a stable community of donors and setting up related processes, we want to contribute to making our programme of accompanying long-term patients, especially cancer patients in hospitals, sustainable and able to cope with the challenges. Through creating fundraising and communication strategies and implementing them, including social media campaigns, we want to learn how to recruit individual and corporate donors who will enable Vŕby (Willows) to help patients and continue to fulfil its mission.

Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry, n.o.
Project: Garden for Communities – Communities for the Garden
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00 €

The project aims to strengthen the sustainability of the Záhrada’s (Garden’s) activities, diversifying its income and strengthening its relationship with its community of supporters. The organization will therefore implement a year-round community outreach program for its supporters, a fundraising program targeting regular donors, as well as one-off donor campaigns. In addition, it will improve its communications, of which communication with potential donors will be an integral part. The project will enable the creation of a new position of fundraiser.


Bátor Tábor Alapítvány
Project: Building our regular donor base
Allocated Amount: 20 000,00 €

Our project aims to increase the number of our regular supporters and donations by 50% in 18 months. This can be done both by recruiting new regular and by converting one-off donors. We would like to further develop our donor management process and reposition the value proposition of regular donors by creating the experience of belonging to a club.

Csodaműhely Egyesület
Project: Sound base – creating long-term sustainability
Allocated Amount: 28 173,00 €

Our aim is to create long-term sustainability for our Complex Opportunity Programme Package. To do this, we need to expand our human resources, professionalise volunteer management, strengthen communication and fundraising strategies, and develop leadership and change management. The intended impact of the project will be to strengthen our organisational structure, sustain our programmes in the long term and build a social base committed to our programmes for disadvantaged people.

Egyenlő Esélyekkel az Iskolapadban Egyesület
Project: A dedicated social base of suuporters and volunteers
Allocated Amount: 22 962,00 €

Our aim is to strengthen our supporter and donor base and develop our volunteer recruitment system. To do this, we are strengthening our relationships with our supporters, creating new partnerships with local businesses and working to provide our volunteers with more diverse opportunities to connect. As a result, we expect to continue to work with an engaged and active community to reduce educational inequalities in a stable and sustainable organisation.

Élménylelő Ifjúsági Egyesület
Project: Nest Supporter Program
Allocated Amount: 28 200,00 €

The aim of the Nest Programme is to create a strong social coalition to improve the situation of disadvantaged children and/or children in child protection and to increase their chances. Through the programme, we involve local businesses in our opportunity-building activities, so that we can stand on stronger feet, have more allies for our cause, and organise a stable community to better promote the interests of young people in child protection.

E-misszió Egyesület
Project: RE-mission. Establishing a social base
Allocated Amount: 29 254,00 €

The social purpose of our association is the regeneration of natural systems. This can only be achieved with the active involvement and cooperation of the members of society. The main objective of the project is to create our social embeddedness. We will do this by preparing a strategy, developing our membership and support base, building relationships with other social actors and training future leaders. By the end of the project, we want to be able to continue building on the foundations we have laid.

Fertő tó Barátai Egyesület
Project: Act together for Fertő
Allocated Amount: 29 746,00 €

The mission of our association is the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the Fertő region, and to this end we would like to achieve the following goals with our project 1. to improve our communication work with new channels and effective content, especially towards young people and small families, 2. to increase our donor base. We expect the above to have 2 main effects: 1. to increase the younger generations’ support for the association 2. to generate sufficient income to co-fund future projects.

Független Előadó-művészeti Szövetség
Project: Culture is a national base
Allocated Amount: 26 930,00 €

With the drastic withdrawal of resources from the independent theatre and dance and theatre education sector, the focus of funding for artistic activities must shift to private patronage. This situation requires a further change of approach beyond the existing advocacy role of the FESZ: to expand our existing support fund by attracting new donor groups, to operate a transparent and sustainable support fund.

Gólyahír Alapítvány az Örökbefogadó Családokért
Project: Growing the social base fo Gólyahír Alapítvány
Allocated Amount: 27 874,00 €

Goal: To increase our social base to reach the critical mass that will allow for greater visibility and financial sustainability. 1. In the next phase of the Foundation’s development, we will involve new target groups not directly involved in adoption -Professionals working with children -Institutions -Patrons 2. Development of the volunteer team 3. Expansion of the regular donor base

Humán Platform Egyesület
Project: Public education advocacy based on expanding social base
Allocated Amount: 29 835,00 €

The theme of the project is to increase the social base of the Teachers’ Movement, retain existing supporters and triple the number of regular donors. We want to increase the number of newsletter subscribers and the number of teacher subscribers. We will create a central activist cell to support the work of the staff.

Konnekt Egyesület
Project: Rethinking Konnekt’s recruitment strategy
Allocated Amount: 29 960,00 €

The project will help us rethink our communication strategy, develop a comprehensive CRM system and build successful recruitment and donor campaigns. Our aim is to maximise the scale of our programmes, grow them further and strengthen our income from donations. As a result of the project, we will be able to help more young people with career guidance in the coming year and more than people online with our educational content.

Menhely Alapítvány
Project: At home again? Can’t do it alone…
Allocated Amount: 29 995,00 €

Part of our work is to prepare society for non-judgmental dialogue and cooperation when it comes to homeless people. Through the project, we will learn to communicate more consciously and effectively about our aspirations, amplifying the voices of people without shelter, engaging our supporters, donors and volunteers in projects. Our communication will be renewed, our website will become more transparent, modern and accountable, and the number and involvement of our volunteers and supporters will increase.

Mother Nature – Anyatermészet Egyesület
Project: Mother Nature: the power of community
Allocated Amount: 24 600,00 €

The project “Mother Nature: a Community Force” aims to develop and strengthen the community of the Mother Nature Association. It also focuses on building reciprocal relationships with new target groups, both on the volunteer and supporter lines. By understanding the needs and opportunities of the mothers involved in the project, we will develop and implement an engagement and communication strategy, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Nevetnikék Alapítvány
Project: Full treasure chests for sick children!
Allocated Amount: 29 953,00 €

Indirectly, we want to develop support for the mental health of sick children in hospital. We have been running a volunteer programme in the South Transdanubian region for 15 years, with experiential hospital visiting programmes, story wall painting and toy making. In our toy-making workshop, we would like to involve corporate partners as team-builders to create handmade toys for chronically ill patients. And the company will contribute financially to the long-term sustainability of our programs.

Pécsbányai Kulturális Egyesület
Project: New Pécsbánya mosaic
Allocated Amount: 26 654,00 €

We would like to transform the self-image of Pécsbánya, which is burdened with negativity due to historical reasons and prejudices. Our association can self-diagnose and fulfil its mission as set out in its constitution. Our research and the evaluation of the information gathered will draw attention to the settlement area in professional and open forums. Through our work and support programmes, our newsletter and initiatives will become popular, resulting in an active community life and lively internal communication in Pécsbánya.

Somnakuno Drom Roma Női Civil Egyesület
Project: Romani Zor – Women’s Power
Allocated Amount: 21 929,00 €

Our Roma Women’s Organisation wants to develop strong, effective communication that attracts supporters and volunteers, and to use effective communication tools to fight racism and exclusion against Roma women. Our goal is to become the strongest, independent Roma Women’s CSO in Szabolcs County through the knowledge we have acquired during the project.

Utcajogász Egyesület
Project: Building a base of lawyers and supporters
Allocated Amount: 29 997,00 €

The aim of the project is to increase the volunteer capacity of Utcajogász and to develop its donor base. By strengthening the volunteer team and recruiting pro bono lawyers, we will be able to meet increased client demand resulting from the economic crisis and have more opportunities to achieve our strategic goals. By increasing the small donor base, through follow-up campaigns and by developing new corporate relationships, the organisation will be on a more secure footing.


ČAPLD – Česká asociace pracovišť linek důvěry, z. s.
Project: Available Emergency Assistance
Allocated Amount: 29 656,00€

The goal of the project is to support the process of creating a basic network of crisis services in the Czech Republic. The network brings together workplaces providing remote crisis assistance, but many of them also operate in the field of crisis assistance in general. For more than a year now, we have been trying to support the creation of a concept (a set of measures) at the level of the Ministries and the Government, which follows on from the National Suicide Prevention Plan and which would ensure a network of available crisis services in the Czech Republic. With this project, we would like to support our work to complete the entire process and add the possibility of cooperation with the media and entities operating in the public space.

Česká asociace streetwork, z.s.
Project: PLATZ for All
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00€

The project will expand the existing community working in favor of the systemic anchoring of the training employment method in the Czech Republic – PLATZ (Platform for training employment). PLATZ will involve Labor Offices, municipalities, cities, regions and newly arrived social enterprises in its activities. The goal is to support the employment of people with social disadvantages through the cooperation of the above-mentioned actors.

Platforma pro sociální bydlení, z. s.
Project: Stronger Roots for Ending Homelessness
Allocated Amount: 29 740,00€

As many as 1 400 000 people in the Czech Republic are facing serious housing problems today. In order to address these problems in a systemic way, the Czech Republic needs to adopt and start implementing functional legislation in the area of housing support. A government bill is currently being drafted which has the potential to be such legislation. It is based on the proposal of the cross-sectoral initiative Za bydlení, whose initiating member and coordinator is the Platform for Social Housing (more here). Through the project, we want to strengthen transversal cooperation on law-making and advocacy with key actors both outside and inside the initiative.

Síť pro rodinu, z.s.
Project: Partnership for Strengthening the Values of the Family
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00€

The project focuses on strengthening maternity, family and community centres as key actors in the prevention of adverse family situations. A new Family Policy Strategy for the period 2023-2030 is currently being prepared. The project seeks to establish stable partnerships with public sector actors at all levels through discussions, roundtables and regular contact. The aim is to influence the development of the strategy and other relevant legislative measures related to family policy. The main impact of the project is directed towards the member maternity, family and community centres and the approximately 75 000 families who regularly use these centres.

Stálá konference asociací ve vzdělávání, z.s.
Project: Together for Implementation of the Curriculum
Allocated Amount: 29 998,25€

The reform of the Framework Educational Programmes is one of the steps towards the implementation of one of the two main objectives of Strategy 2030+, namely “To focus education more on the acquisition of competences needed for active civic, professional and personal life.” The project responds to the failure of the previous curriculum reform, which affected only about 10% of schools. One of the reasons was an underestimated implementation phase. This project will focus on strengthening the implementation phase of the reform through a coordinated collaboration to support schools in implementing the revised curriculum framework, which should lead to better learning for children.

Zelený kruh
Project: Environment – A Topic that Connects
Allocated Amount: 29 989,00€

To protect the environment effectively, we need new partners. Based on member demand, we have selected two ministries that are very important from an environmental perspective, but communication with them is ad hoc and mutually distrustful. To achieve change, environmental NGOs need to improve their advocacy skills and actively pursue a systematic dialogue with public authorities. In addition, we will engage members who are not yet active in developing common positions and strengthen the network with new members. Through the project, NGOs and the two ministries will learn about the benefits and costs of participation and the advantages of exchanging expert views.


Anténa – sieť pre nezávislú kultúru
Project: A dialogue to strengthen independent culture
Allocated Amount: 29 970,70€

The main goal of the project is to improve the conditions of the independent culture environment. We want to achieve this by strengthening our capacities through strategic planning of network development and transversal cooperation with public institutions that set the support and public cultural policies for its functioning. Both processes will involve small non-Bratislava member organisations, together with whom we will prepare concrete proposals leading to the development and sustainability of independent culture actors.

Asociácia detských lesných klubov
Project: The future for children’s forest clubs
Allocated Amount: 22 300,00€

Children’s forest clubs are facilities where education and learning take place in intensive contact with nature. They are a common part of the education system throughout the world. In Slovakia, there is no legislation yet that would allow such facilities to operate within the school network and therefore they are inaccessible to many families. In this project, we aim to strengthen the position of children’s forest clubs in Slovakia, in terms of legislation, quality and awareness of the benefits of education in a natural environment.

Nadácia DEDO
Project: Platform for ending homelessness (PUB)
Allocated Amount: 29 746,00€

The PUB project aims to build an umbrella organization focused on preventing and ending homelessness in Slovakia, which will not only be a long-term expert partner of the public sector for designing and implementing policies with this goal but will also create a broad membership base of diverse actors who implement activities to end homelessness in towns and regions across Slovakia. The goal of PUB is to achieve a national systemic change from managing to ending homelessness.

Platforma rozvojových organizácií Ambrela
Project: Civic uphold the recovery plan of Ukraine
Allocated Amount: 29 960,00€

The project aims to create a space for the involvement of Slovak NGOs in the recovery of Ukraine. Several factors are important in this respect. First of all, strong support from the public sector is needed, which can be obtained through active contact with it. It is also important to actively involve the civil sector from across the country, which will be helped by working in working groups, building partnerships and professional capacity. A prerequisite for this is the internal transformation of Ambrela – to be more open to non-members and at the same time to be able to actively engage members.

Priatelia Zeme – CEPA
Project: Building a climate platform and strategic partnerships
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00€

The project responds to the climate crisis and Slovakia’s lagging in addressing it. It will contribute positively to the development of effective climate policies by building quality partnerships across sectors. The activities will fulfil two objectives: to make the NGO platform Climate Coalition more effective and to involve non-Bratislava organisations in the cooperation. By sensitively involving actors of different types (state, NGOs, business) and levels (central, regional) in a functional cooperation we want to increase the action capacity of the Slovak Republic in addressing the climate crisis.

ŠPIRÁLA – sieť environmentálne výchovných organizácií
Project: Strengthening of the EVVO ecosystem
Allocated Amount: 29 906,50€

We want to use the momentum of strategic milestones in the coming years (2026 – the widespread introduction of a new curriculum, 2024-2025 the preparation of a new national strategy for EVVO – environmental education and awareness) to strengthen and harmonize the formal and informal ecosystem of EVVO in Slovakia. We want to strengthen the internal capacities of Špirála (Spiral) and regional EVVO providers and support capacity building of public actors. We want to take into account new challenges and perspectives in discussions on EVVO and chart a course for how we can grasp these challenges as shared opportunities.


Civil Tudósítói Hálózat
Project: For the Civil Correspondent Network
Allocated Amount: 29 372,00€

The aim of the project is to strengthen and expand the network of correspondents linked to Civil Radio, made up of people working for NGOs or committed to promoting a local social cause. Our correspondents report on local, rural events, thus strengthening the visibility of local society and the community decision-making mechanisms of the municipality. Through the project, we aim to promote the engagement and professional development of our members through training and ongoing workshops.

EGALIPE – Hálózat a Romák Egyenlőségéért
Project: EGALIPE – Network for Roma Equality
Allocated Amount: 30 000,00€

The aim of the project is to strengthen our network so that we can represent our common interests more effectively. Our activities will be: recruitment of new members, creation of a policy platform, dialogue with government, communication workshops with journalists and editors. Expected results are: networking and communication strategy, a more cohesive network, a cooperation platform with the Ministry of Interior, active advocacy on the use of EU funds, a series of workshops with the press, five new Roma NGOs.

Helyi Fejlesztők Hálózata
Project: Network of Local Developers
Allocated Amount: 29 928,00€

In the northern tip of Pest county, at the foot of Börzsöny, we are building a development partnership involving local authorities and NGOs. Starting from the base settlements, 5 additional settlements involved at micro-regional level, with the aim of promoting cooperation between different sectors facilitating, generating local projects and networking active players.

Szabad Terek
Project: Learning and partnerships – strengthening Szabad Terek
Allocated Amount: 29 960,00€

The national network of Free Spaces connects cultural spaces that provide an inclusive space for independent cultural programmes; for disadvantaged local groups and for ideas excluded from the public discourse. We want to initiate a dialogue between our member organisations and local decision-makers to understand and support the diverse cultural assets and social safety nets that our member organisations are creating in Budapest and in the countryside, strengthening local communities.


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