Open Society Fund Prague is a Czech foundation with a 30-year history. Our mission is to nurture democracy in the Czech Republic. We support and educate civil society and encourage the state to develop into a place where everyone has equal chances and participates in various activities in their surroundings. We open up sensitive and neglected topics and together with donors we seek trailblazers who will carry them forward. Over the last 30 years, we have supported more than 10,000 projects done by Czech non-profit organizations and individuals with more than 2 billion Czech crowns.


A Dark Anniversary in the Czech Republic

You might think it impossible to rap about inclusive education, but you would be wrong. Last week, at Prague’s Lucerna Palace, an art nouveau entertainment complex built by Vaclav Havel’s grandfather, Gypsy Crew took the stage. Its four members, all…


Standing Up for the EU in the Czech Republic

In recent weeks, Czech politicians have distanced themselves from the European Union. Concern about the financial crisis has led a number of politicians to encourage the idea that the Czech Republic does not need the EU and that the country…