Open Data Expo

We hold the largest open data fair in the Czech Republic


Open Data Expo is an all-day event aimed at open data and open source institutions and their users from business, academia, other public institutions as well as citizens. The event gives institutions the opportunity to meet in one place and discuss how to create an open data ecosystem that would benefit everyone.

The aim is to mediate good practice, but also expert advice from areas that are not yet fully covered in the Czech Republic. In the past, the main guests were, among others, experts from abroad, such as Emma Doyle (head of the Data Unit National Health Service England), or Paul Suijkerbuijk (architect of turnover to openness in the Netherlands). There is plenty of room for networking and feedback from users of their services.

This “Open Data Fair” will be held for the fifth time in spring 2020.

One of the thematic areas for 2020 will be the Environment and Open Data.

Why do we hold Open Data Expo:

By 2021 we want a community promoting public administration in the Czech Republic that:

  • is open, publishes open data, and allows that anyone can work with its digital footprint
  • is responsible, provides citizens with information about its functioning and decision-making processes, and thanks to digitization the citizens can control it from anywhere
  • is interactive and therefore supports both civil participation and the simplest possible communication between state and its citizens (tools such as e-elections, the possibility to handle things from home, gain access to information about yourself)

The Open Data Expo helps us to intensify the pressure from within the public administration for system change. It increases the number of representatives of the state administration and self-government who are willing to change the way of their thinking and contribute to improving the quality of the digital outputs of the state.

Why is digitization important:

In the Western world, digitization has become an essential part in the functioning of the relationship between public administration and the public, in addressing social issues and increasing economic potential. When Ukraine opened data on education, on the drug market, or launched an open procurement portal in cooperation with the NGO sector, 700 million dollars have flowed into its economy last year. In England, the number of patients dying from heart surgery has fallen by 1,000 per year thanks to the opening of healthcare data. In the Czech Republic, however, digitization remains a mere transformation of existing paper processes into electronic form, the opportunity for greater transparency and open governance is unused.