The Open Society Fund´s Principles 

On this page you will find the OSF Foundation policy.


The OSF Foundation supports active citizens who influence what is happening in their immediate surroundings and in their country. The activities of the OSF Foundation and the supported activities or projects in some cases concern children or adults who belong to vulnerable groups.

With this Children’s Rights Policy, we publicly commit ourselves to protecting children and especially vulnerable adults from any form of ill-treatment. We take it our responsibility to ensure that our employees, activities or programs do not cause harm, abuse or discrimination to children and especially vulnerable adults.

Our main aspect is the principle of the best interests of the child. Every child has the right to reach his or her full potential, to receive a quality education, to participate in society and not to be a victim of discrimination. Each of us is responsible for protecting children from all forms of abuse. Children can become strong individuals, drivers of change in their lives and in the lives of their families and communities only if they are protected from violence, discrimination, any abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) or neglect.

We have created a policy for the protection of the rights of children and especially vulnerable adults (hereinafter abbreviated as the Policy) in order to ensure the highest possible standard of professional approach and behavior of our employees and co-workers to prevent any abuse of children or particularly vulnerable adults during their involvement in activities, projects or programs. which the OSF Foundation implements or supports. In addition, we want to promote social awareness of the need to protect children through this Policy. We encourage the children themselves to be involved in the protection system and to actively help protect their peers.

All children and young people, as well as particularly vulnerable adults, who participate in activities organized or supported by the OSF Foundation, have the right to:

  • their interest, safety and well-being was the primary aspect of all activities;

  • their development was protected and encouraged, thus enabling their development and fulfillment;

  • were respected and understood within their cultural, national and religious identities;

  • they were heard and their views were fully taken into account;

  • have become active participants in decisions that directly affect them.

    This Policy is based on the Child Protection Policy developed by Eurochild, and we also drew inspiration from the SOS Kinderdorf International Child Protection Policy and the Keeping Children Safe Coalition materials. We consulted the policy with experts on the protection of children’s rights from the National Institute for Children and the Family and experts from ECPAT Austria.

  • The policy can be downloaded here: Politika ochrany dětí a zvláště zranitelných dospělých Nadace OSF.


  • We value all our employees regardless of their origin, skin color, their last name,
    culture and customs, and we are proud to have a diverse team.

  • In the admission procedure, we respect the origin of each candidate and assess them only according to qualification for that position.

  •  Actively oppose racism among colleagues and prposefully address the conscious and the unconscious prejudices.

  • We create an environment where people can freely exercise their personality.

    The full commitment can be found here: MÍSTO PRO VŠECHNY (PLACE FOR ALL)