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Since 2019, the Open Society Fund Prague has been working with a Czech think-tank GlopolisOpen Society Foundation Bratislava and the Hungarian NIOK Foundation in a consortium to implement the Stronger Roots Program and jointly strengthen the roots of civil society in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The program is funded by the European Union from the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme

Publications on Social Base Building

Case Study: KASPIAN (Slovakia)

Through rekindling previous corporate relations and turning businesses into close partners, it became clear for the KASPIAN association that these partnerships, if handled well, can lead to a new level of flexibility and better activities

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Case Study: DEDO Foundation (Slovakia)

DEDO Foundation decided to create a communication strategy based on values and data, without using personal stories of their clients. This case study shows how they reached this conclusion, how they used focus groups to

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Case Study: Amnesty International (Hungary)

In order to get their supporters closer to the organization and gain new donors, Amnesty International Hungary introduced email journeys, a personalised communication tool that, based on the interests of the people they connected with,

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Case Study: Medve Matek (Hungary)

Reaching the same constituencies via a different path can bring huge results. Medve Matek took their existing offline math and logics contest online, which resulted in setting up direct communication with roughly 10 000 parents and

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Case Study: INEX-SDA (Czechia)

The case study shows how an organization, focused on international volunteering, was able to wake its “sleeping” supporters in a successful crowdfunding campaign during the COVID-19 crisis and re-activate its constituencies by sharing the Stories

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Case Study: Walk the City (Czechia)

A brand is not just a logo, but an emotion. This way of thinking is what made an established, 30-year-old Czech organization, Prague Mothers, decide to rebrand and change its name to Walk the City,

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NIOK´s Social Base Building Methodology

The publication summarizes seven years of experience of Hungarian NIOK Foundation in supporting civil society organizations in social base building. It describes the concept of social base building in detail, and depicts the activities that

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Constituency Building: Insights and Ideas

How can organizations strengthen their links to active citizens and the public at large under the conditions of a shrinking space for civil society? This paper summarizes practical experience and insights from the representatives of

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The Social Base Building Toolkit

This practical guide helps civil society organizations to start building their social base step by step. A set of articles advices on how to build a social base building strategy, how to create meaningful fundraising

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Publications on network transversal collaboration

Publications about the Stronger Roots Program

Stronger Roots Program Leaflet

Would you like to learn more about the Stronger Roots Program? Learn about the essence of the social base building and transversal collaboration concepts and methods of work of the Stronger Roots Program in a

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