Campaign to recognize and empower carers

Datum realizace: 1. 1. 2020 - 31. 12. 2021
Částka: 29538 EUR
Organizace: Lépjünk, hogy léphessenek! Közhasznú Egyesület (Step by Step! Association)

Our organizations has been working on the social benefits (care allowance, child home care benefit) that families caring for children with disabilities and/or long-term illnesses receive. With this project we will increase our constituency with people caring for their relatives (spouses, siblings elderly parents), people in need of homecare, and organizations, institutions working for and with them. We will also focus on fundraising and communication for sustainability and visibility. Activites: Meetings with people and organizations Policy work Community advocacy trainings National campaign to increase the benefits and services Fundraising Communication Milestones: Annual public actions to achieve policy change