Crowdfundingová kampaň – 15 éve az átláthatóság szolgálatában – Támogasd a TI Magyarországot, hogy folytathassuk a munkánkat!

Datum realizace: 8. 3. 2021 - 8. 6. 2021
Částka: 4167 EUR
Organizace: Transparency International Hungary Foundation

The goal of our campaign is to reach the broadest audience possible and deliver them information about the activities of our organisation. We would like focus on the fact that Transparency International Hungary has been fighting for a less corrupt country for 15 years now through various initiatives, and now we need the help of citizens to continue our work and celebrate this anniversary. We intend to gather HUF 1,5 million (approx. EUR 4200) to be able to carry on with our activities. Therefore, this campaign is about core funding, in which we seek to reach out to our existing supporters and potential new ones to gather resources that will allow us to continue our work for a more transparent Hungary.