Crowdfundingová kampaň – Az alapba gyűjtsenek, ne a Pécsi Tükörre. Fogalmazzák meg, mi az üzenet.

Datum realizace: 17. 5. 2021 - 27. 6. 2021
Částka: 5000 EUR
Organizace: Pecs CommunityFoundation

The main goal is to build up the 100 Friend’s FUND of the Pecs Community Foundation to ensure its long term capability through securing an endowment.
Expanding a broader network of potential supporters is aimed by the campaign seeking PECS-lovers (present citizens with strong local identity and those ones once lived and studied in the town, still feeling attached to it emotionally), to share the CF’s concerns and purposes with the intention of turning them into possible supporters, ambassadors or even potential donors. Their social capital is an asset the CF is set to build on. The monetary resources gained will be used to set up the endowment of the CF.