Crowdfundingová kampaň – KórházSuli Tavaszi Duplázó Kampány

Datum realizace: 10. 3. 2021 - 11. 4. 2021
Částka: 5000 EUR
Organizace: KórházSuli Alapítvány a Beteg Gyerekek Tanulásának Támogatásáért

Aspiration, motivation, pushing the boundaries, perseverance – our recovering students and
their volunteer mentors need all these things just like these are also crucial in sports. Being
part of a supportive team and a caring community make this so much easier!
We invite our community to join us during spring break for a group workout to collect
kilometers in order for us to be able to study with more and more recovering children so that
they can get back their normal lives they had before their illness.
At KórházSuli, community has healing power!