Crowdfundingová kampaň – Roma or Gypsy? how should I say it?

Datum realizace: 23. 9. 2021 - 22. 12. 2021
Částka: 2222 EUR
Organizace: Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation

We aim to create a booklet in Hungarian language, which will be available online and offline (and later in English as well). The booklet would summarize the history of Roma in Hungary and the Hungarian Roma groups, as well as the Uccu’s 10 years of educational achievements and experiences in the topic of Roma identity and culture. (Currently in Hungary there is no such publication about Hungarian Roma like this). We would elaborate an educational module for this, aimed at Roma girls, who are a highly vulnerable group within the Roma community. We plan to strengthen their Roma identity and with the involvement of their parents and educators support their development on their personal and academic achievements. The sessions will be developed online and offline.
Our donors will have the chance to be included in our booklet and will have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive workshop. During the project we plan to organize and realize several events and outcomes: booklet and exclusive workshops.
We target our already existing partners and social base, and we aim to approach and involve new potential partners and donors. The fund we plan to raise is 800 000 HUF.